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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
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DTF transfer stickers


As an easy use and cost save project, DTF printing and DTF transfer stickers has been popular recently, today we are going to learn something about it.

It adopt superb PET material. Premium Glossy or matte Sheets, the printing effect is clearly, high rate color transfer, washable, soft feel and durable. Its printing side has been coated, to make sure the color effect and make it waterproof. 

The stickers feature more vivid colors with smooth surface, easier to adjust the image size without cutting off the edges and more durable quality and washable.

For applications, it works with all Modified Desktop DTF Printers. One of the biggest benefits of dtf film does not have to be pretreated, which saves you time and money. 

Suitable for Use on cotton, polyester, blends, leather, spandex, nylon, canvas. It can be used for both dark and light fabric. Our DTF film is widely used in the T-shirt decorative industry and other printing products like pillows, caps,  shorts/pants, bags, flags/banners, kooziesgloves, sneakers, phone cases and any other fabric items.

As said it is easy to use, just place the DTF film in your dtf printer accordingly. Place the coating side up, no need weeding, you create, crop, print any size and image you want, the detail use method is follow:
1. First, Print over the film using the proper settings on your printer.
2. cover your print with DTF Powder, make sure that the glue powder sticks to the pattern evenly
3. Put the DTF film into the oven to bake, the temperature is 230℉, and the baking time is 150-180 seconds. After baking, all the rubber powder on the pattern needs to be melted, and the pattern does not crack.
4. Before heat transfer, the clothes need to be ironed first, and then put the pattern on the position. The temperature of heat press is 320 ℉ and it needs to be pressed for 15 seconds. Slowly peel off the film while Cold/Hot.

If any questions or you want to order in bulk, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.
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