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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
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Offset heat transfer sticker


screen printing has mostly use a screen to print heat transfer sticker, for offset sticker, it is a type of it, which needs to process on offset printing machine before use screen to add other effects.

Offset sticker can be sorted into different types, the first one is basic one AC01 sticker, it 's standard sticker which can satisfy most demand. On this base, we push AC02 soft one, AC03 elastic one, AC04 dye-block one, AC05 glitter one and AC06 for puff effect. All the above stickers can be apply on most fabrics, expect AC 06 Puff sticker which can only be used on cotton fabric.

The temperature of heat transfer is 120-150℃ in 10-12s, cold peel or hot peel depend on the PET release film you choose.

Offset sticker has some requirements if you want to order:
1. Offer HD ai or PDF document of your design 
2. Offer exact size and mount of each design
3. Confirm which peel method and surface effect you prefer
4. Confirm if you need quality check after production, please handle it on time
5. Accept the lead time once sign on contract

If you have any other questions about offset heat transfers, please leave your comment bellow.
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