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Silicon transfer film


Different heat transfer film decide the surface effect of different heat transfer stickers. For PET release film is suitable for most heat transfer stickers, it has glossy and matte for choose. For silicon transfer film, it is fog surface, which is special for 3D heat transfer stickers and silicon sticker.

Silicon transfer film features as follow;
1. Adopt imported high-quality PET release film as the base material, anti-static treatment on the back. 
2. Uniform coating, smooth, no wrinkle, no particles, no bubbles. 
3. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good ink adhesion, good color rate and stable release.

The thickness is 75micron and 100 micron, the normal size includes 39*27cm, 39*54cm, 48*64cm. The transfer temperate is 165℃, the time is 15s, cold peel or hot peel after heat transfer.
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